Chrysler During WWII: Supporting Allied Efforts

Chrysler did more throughout history than just make cars. In fact, the production of cars was paused for Chrysler during WWII.

Over the span of 13 months, Chrysler built a plant to participate in wartime production of tanks, guns, trucks, ammunition, and other military materials. One of the most famous tanks built was the M3 Grant tank. This was used by the British when fighting in North Africa. Another well-known tank created was the superior Sherman tank.

The history of Chrysler’s involvement as a supplier of military weapons is being recognized in a six-minute documentary. The documentary is called “Automakers and the Arsenal of Democracy” which premiered on the 75th anniversary of December 29th, 1940, the date of President Roosevelt’s historic radio broadcast.

Roosevelt’s “Arsenal of Democracy” radio broadcast told the United States citizens that Europe could do their own fighting, but they “ask us for the implements of war…which will enable them to fight for their liberty and for our security.”

Other automobile makers of the time helped with the war efforts, but this particular documentary focuses on the efforts made by Chrysler. To see the video, click here.

We at Rochester Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram are proud to be part of a company whose history helped Allied efforts for the greater good.

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Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge Honors Walter P. Chrysler

Chrysler Founder Walter Chrysler's Birthday

Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Celebrates Founder Walter Chrysler’s Birthday















In honor of Walter P. Chrysler, Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge would like to discuss his great importance in auto history. Walter P. Chrysler, born in Wamego, Kansas is the Founder of Chrysler Corporation. Born on April 2, 1875, Chrysler lived till 1940, passing away at age 65.

Chrysler began his career as a machinist and a railroad mechanic. His automotive career did not begin until 1911, when he met with an executive at General Motors. Chrysler worked at GM as a work manager and later became the president of Buick. At this time, Chrysler was making a yearly salary of $10,000 (equal to $165,000 today). This large salary was almost unheard of. He also received $500,000 bonus at the end of each year.

For several years, Chrysler successfully ran Buick. He eventually left not agreeing with the vision of General Motors future. Chrysler started at Buick in 1911 working for $6,000 a year. When he left, Chrysler was considered one of the wealthiest men in America.

Walter Chrysler founded the Chrysler Corporation in 1925 and in 1928 acquired Dodge. Around this time, the Chrysler Building was built in New York and Walter Chrysler was named Time Magazine’s 1928 Man of the Year. By 1936 Chrysler was retired and let others run his corporation.

Though Walter Chrysler no longer ran the Chrysler Corporation, the success of the company did not stop here. In 1987 Chrysler Corporation obtained Jeep and in 2007, Chrysler was sold to Cerberus Capital Management and renamed Chrysler LLC. Hit hard by the auto crisis of 2008, Chrysler LLC was forced to file bankruptcy and received billions in loans from the USA government. In 2009, Chrysler emerged from the bankruptcy with Fiats help. Fiat has gradually acquired ownership of Chrysler LLC and is now the majority owner.

Chrysler is back on its feet and remains one of the top auto companies today. Some of the current Chrysler LLC popular vehicles include the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chrysler 200, Dodge Dart and Ram 1500. To learn more about these vehicles visit Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Rochester Hills, MI or call (888) 435-3039.