And the 2016 Brand Image Award Goes to: Chrysler

Chrysler Logo

Chrysler has long been one of the industry’s most trusted automakers, and now, Kelley Blue Book’s has confirmed that status by giving Chrysler the 2016 Brand Image Award, a sought-after title in the automotive world.

The award was designed by to “recognize automakers’ outstanding achievements in creating and maintaining brand attributes that capture the attention and enthusiasm of new-vehicle buyers,” which Chrysler has surely done this past year, with exciting models such as the new Chrysler Pacifica.

To decide which automaker should win the award, annual new-car buyer perception data is evaluated among luxury, non-luxury, and truck shoppers, via Based on this evidence, Chrysler was also named the 2016 Best Car Styling Brand.

Here at Rochester Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, it’s no surprise to us that Chrysler reigns supreme as one of the most-loved brands. To learn more or to check out a Chrysler model for yourself, visit us anytime!

Rain Driving Tips to Combat Those April Showers

Water Drops On Hood

Have you been so prepared for driving in the snow, that you’ve forgotten how to drive in the rain? Now that spring is finally upon us, spring showers are soon to follow.

Don’t get stuck this year; prepare yourself with these rain driving tips:

  • If it begins to rain while you are driving, slow down. The roads are most slippery just shortly after rain begins.
  • Increase the distance between your car and the other cars around you, in case you or one of the other drivers needs to stop quickly.
  • Avoid using cruise control while it’s raining, which may contribute to hydroplaning.
  • If your car does begin to hydroplane, do not slam on the brakes, which will only cause them to lock up.
  • Lastly, never drive through standing water. Just 12 inches of water is enough water to force your car to lose traction with the road.

And if you find yourself stuck, with your car floating in the middle of freshly formed body of water, abandon your car and seek shelter!