Dodge History: A Colorful Tale

It’s been a long and rewarding road for Dodge. 2014 marked a century since the Dodge brothers first began making their mark on the automotive industry. The Columbus Dispatch recently offered a fascinating retrospective on the American automaker.

The Dodge brothers originally obtained their wealth by supplying parts to Henry Ford. But they feared being eventually aced out so they started their own company. In 1920, only six years after they started, Dodge cars were the second best selling vehicles in America.

Other facts about Dodge history…

  • Dodge cars were used to chase Pancho Villa and his gang into Mexico in 1916
  • In 1922, Henry S. Truman campaigned for president in a Dodge roadster
  • Arguably the greatest NASCAR driver Richard Petty drove a Dodge in three of seven championships
  • During WWII, four-wheel drive Dodge trucks were used for ambulances and commands cars.

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