Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Organization

Right here in Michigan, there is a great non-profit organization whose primary goal is to support our wounded veterans that have served in either Iraq or Afghanistan and also live in Michigan. That group is called The Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund (FWSF).

Army Soldier

The Beginning

Since mid-2006, FWSF has supported veterans in need of assistance. A great deal of the organization’s funding is provided by local businesses and organizations, as well as donations. FWSF supports our veterans through a variety of means, including assistance with housing payments, utilities, transportation costs, food, home repairs, medical expenses, funeral costs, and more.

Recent Years

In 2015, FWSF was able to assist 253 veterans with $465,371. In 2016, the group received even more funding and were able to support 360 veterans with $707,523. As the needs of our veterans continue to grow, FWSF hopes to help even more.

If you have been searching for a great non-profit organization to donate your time or money, consider the FWSF. None of their volunteers or members receive any pay. That means the FWSF has a current give rate of 97%, which makes you feel confident your money is going where it is intended.

Here at Rochester Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we are proud to support and showcase The Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund.