How to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Getting your car ready for winter is important to keeping it running throughout the season. Cold weather is hard on your car, so making sure your parts are in good shape before the worst of the weather hits will save you time and money by preventing breakdowns and the need for serious repairs.

The first thing to do is get an oil and filter change. Along with coolant, engine oil is one of the most important things in keeping your engine running well, and having dirty fluid is even worse in winter. Speaking of coolant, make sure it’s at the right level and add some if necessary. They may also do this during your oil change.

Have your battery tested and clean build-up off of the terminals. If your battery charge is weak, you may run into problems with starting it or maintaining power while driving.

Check your tire pressure. Cold compresses the air in tires, lowering the pressure, which reduces traction. Especially in winter when the roads are icy, it’s important to have good traction, so add air when necessary. Also, if you’re planning on switching to winter tires, now is the time.

Finally, put together a winter emergency kit with items you might need if you break down like flashlights, flares, blankets and warm clothes, and food and water. These are just a few of the things you should do before winter—check out more here!

Jeep Vehicles in Snow

Prepare your vehicle to perform as well as possible in the snow!

Holiday Events in Rochester, Michigan

Rochester, Michigan, is a wonderful place to live during the holidays because of the many events we hold throughout December that provide tons of fun for families. Here are some of the events we’re most excited for, and if you’re looking for more holiday events in Rochester, check out their event calendar.

One event that will be going on all month until January 1st is the Bright, Bright Light Show. Every evening from 5 pm to midnight, downtown Rochester will be lit up with over a million lights for the public’s viewing pleasure.

One has already passed, but on December 13th you can go to the Meeting House and eat sweets and drink cocoa while watching the Bright, Bright Light Show. You can also enjoy Friday Night Carriage Rides, where you can ride around downtown Rochester while enjoying the sights.

In early December, Rochester holds Kris Kringle Market, inspired by the European tradition of open-air Christmas markets and the Rochester Hometown Christmas Parade. If you missed these, make sure to come next year!

And though it’s after the holidays, we’ll celebrate the winter season with the Fire and Ice Festival in January, which will feature TasteFest, fireworks, sledding, ice skating, broom ball, and more..

Holiday Light Display

Head downtown to see beautiful light displays!