Benefits of LED Headlights

LED Headlight

By Kickaffe (Mario von Berg) – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


LED headlights have gained popularity, becoming standard on some vehicles and available on almost all as alternatives to regular headlights. While you may be familiar with the term “LED,” you may not know exactly what it means or how much good LED can do. Here are some benefits of LED headlights:

Longer lasting – An LED’s lifespan is 35,000 to 50,000 hours longer than regular bulbs. This means a lot less swapping out bulbs for you!

Brighter – LED headlights usually illuminate a much larger area than other headlights and are non-glare. This means they keep you safer in dark or inclement weather.

Cooler – LED light bulbs don’t get as hot as regular bulbs, which helps to reduce energy waste.

Durable – Since LED lights don’t have glass, breaking them is much more difficult than conventional lights.

Aesthetic Appeal – Since LED headlights are smaller, they can fit in your car easier and can be arranged to whichever style you want.

Maintainable – Since LED’s rarely burn out, they usually don’t need to be replaced unless they’re broken in an accident.

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Jeep Confirms New Pickup Truck

Jeep Scrambler

Jeep Scrambler – Von CZmarlin — Christopher Ziemnowicz, releases all rights but a photo credit would be appreciated if this image is used anywhere other than Wikipedia. Please leave a note at Wikipedia here. Thank you! – Eigenes Werk, Gemeinfrei,


Jeep is a much-loved brand, with loyal customers. The Cherokee, Wrangler, and Liberty are beloved by consumers, but that’s not all Jeep has to offer. Though it’s been in the talks for a while, Jeep has confirmed production of a Jeep pickup truck.

Yes, it’s extremely exciting. This truck will keep the classic look of a Wrangler, but with a truck bed in back! The pickup was confirmed by Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne and Jeep CEO Mike Manley at the Detroit Auto Show. They said that the truck would reach production in late 2017, so that gives us something to look forward to next year!

More details will emerge later this month, when FCA reveals its updated five-year product strategy. For now, we know that the pickup will be built alongside the next-gen Wrangler in Toledo, Ohio. Now, this won’t be the first Jeep pickup truck, as there had been pickups produced between 1947 and 1992. But since the Comanche left the market, a new Jeep pickup is much anticipated, as it’ll be the first one modeled after the Wrangler!

So, count down the days because the Jeep pickup will be here before you know it!