George W. Bush Gifts Royal Baby with Dodge Challenger SRT8

Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger SRT8

With the Royal Baby’s birth, people have been sending the family presents left and right. What would you send the Royal Baby? Jewelry? Clothing? A car? The former 43rd president, George W. Bush, sent the Royal Baby a Dodge Challenger SRT8.

George w. Bush did not just chose the Dodge Challenger as a gift randomly; there was a lot of thought and meaning behind it. Describing his decision, Bush explains, “When I was president, I always wanted official state gifts to show off the very best America has to offer. And what better way to do that than with a Hemi-powered, old-school American muscle car like the Dodge Challenger SRT8. Also, I think it’s a poetic symbol of our two countries’ current friendship to give the future king of England the same car George Washington used to scare off that British army back in the day. Man, that was cool. Wait, what? That was a commercial? Never mind then. Still, kid’s gonna love that Challenger.” With an American gift, Bush hopes to help keep the diplomatic peace.

What are your thoughts on the gift? What car would you have chosen? Here at Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Rochester Hills, MI, we cannot pick a more perfect gift from America. As the Royal Baby get older, we look forward to learning what he thinks of the Dodge Challenger!

Consumer Reports ranks Ram 1500 as the Best Truck

ram 1500 Truck

Consumer Reports ranks ram the best truck

Recently, Consumer Reports has come out with their ratings and this year is favoring the Ram 1500. Scoring the highest rating overall, director of Consumer Reports, Jake Fisher, feels, “The Ram 1500 is surprisingly luxurious and refined — but still fully capable of doing hard work when needed.” Some updates to the Ram including the interior and powertrain have improved the Ram 1500 drastically.
These high ratings came from tests ranking all full-size pickups in the auto industry. The Ram 1500 scores high in the “Recommended” ratings due to the great crash test scores and higher reliability ratings. The Ram trim tested was the Ram 1500 Crew Cab four-wheel drive, because it is the most popular engine option. In this pickup truck there is a 5,7-liter Hemi V-8 complete with a new automatic eight-sped transmission. In Consumer Reports independent fuel economy test, the Ram 1500 won a class-leading overall 15 mpg.
Other truck ratings among Consumer Reports ranked the Nissan Titan and the Ford F-150 pickup trucks among the bottom.
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Chrysler to Introduce New Powertrain Technology

Everybody wants to be the first to do something—the first to step on the moon, the first to build and fly an airplane. How about the first to produce a 9-speed automatic transmission? Well, it might not be as exciting as landing on the moon, but it is noteworthy.

When the 2014 Jeep Cherokee goes on sale soon, it will feature two world’s first features: a 9-speed automatic transmission and a front-wheel-drive biased 4×4 system. You might be wondering, “Why do transmissions keep getting more gears?” The answer: efficiency.

A decade ago, having nine gears would not have improved efficiency—the added weight of the gears would have outstripped any gains in fuel economy. Today, however, powertrain engineers are finding new ways to eliminate weight and give vehicles the fuel-saving benefits of having more gears.

The Cherokee’s other new technology, the front-wheel-drive biased 4×4 system, will also increase efficiency. The system will primarily use front-wheel-drive and then deliver four-wheel-drive traction as needed, without any interaction from the driver.

Want more information on the history of automatic transmissions? Check out this nice timeline graphic from the New York Times.

What do you think; how many gears are too many?

Why Buy a Used Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge or Ram

Used Jeep Liberty

2010 Jeep Liberty

Today more and more people are buying used cars due to their higher quality materials and ability to last longer. The reasons to buy a new car are simple. You would be the sole person regulating maintenance, it is less likely to go haywire, you can pick out exactly what you want and a few other personal reasons. Why bother buying a used car when you can buy a new one? Main reasons are the cost of purchase combined with less maintenance, lower sales tax, insurance and interest on financing.
The cost of buying a used car could save you the amount of money you would spend on gas for five years. In fact, within the first five years, cars experience around 45% depreciation and in three years they see on average 32% depreciation.
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