What Emotions Does Your Car Color Bring Out in People?

Car Color

Car Color Meaning

Recently, I started paying attention to different car colors. I was not surprised to see white and black tones as popular color choices, but I was interested in the different emotions the colors brought out in me. In 2012, worldwide, 22% of the population had a white car. Silver came in second with 20%, followed by black at 19%. With so many color choices, what do people think about when they see your car? When people see your car does it put them in a certain mood? Below is a list of car colors and reactions people tend to experience when they look at those colors.

• Red= Passion, Increased Metabolism
• Orange= Sense of Welcoming, Liveliness
• Yellow= Cheerfulness, Positivity
• Green= Harmony, Reliability
• Blue= Confident, Peace
• Purple= Luxury, Romance
• Black= Classic, Elegant
• White= Purity, Simple
• Silver= Futuristic, Prestigious

Would you agree with these different car color descriptions? Does your personality seem to match your car colors stereotype? If you have never paid much attention, try looking at the different colors today making note how they make you feel. You might be interested in the wide variety of emotions different colors can bring out in you.

Chrysler is always changing up their color pallet to offer colors their drivers will love. Some of the more popular Chrysler colors include: Crystal Blue Pearl, Deep Auburn Pearl, Bright White Clear Coat, Jazz Blue Pearl, Ivory Tri-Coat Pearl, Billet Silver and many more. Different models of a car brand display different color pallets, so it can become important to look through all the colors of each vehicle when choosing the perfect color. Some colors are meant to give a more dominant and aggressive feelings while others are meant to sooth and relax drivers. Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge, in Rochester Hills MI, near Detroit caries and extensive line of colors in all Chrysler Jeep, Dodge and Ram models. Just recently, the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Compass and Patriot have been made available for purchase at Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep. Stop in to see the assortment of new colors!