Could a Jeep Pickup Truck be in the Works?

Flying cars, self-driving cars, there are dozens of futuristic models that have the potential to be here much sooner than most of us expect. However, there’s another model that could be coming in the near future to be excited about as well. A new Jeep pickup truck is possibly in the works, and that definitely puts a smile on our faces here at Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep.

The last Jeep pickup truck that was around was the Comanche from 1986 to 1992, and we haven’t seen one since. That is, until 2018. Maybe (wink, wink).

According to sources, the highest probability of Jeep producing a pickup version would be in the next-generation Wrangler, arriving in 2018. This type of pickup truck would appeal to those looking for an outdoors and off-road focused truck, along with a style that so many people love already.

Mike Manley, head of Jeep, has given little detail about an actual pickup truck being built; however, he has revealed that he believes a pickup belongs in the lineup and that is enough for us. For now, anyways.