Chrysler Honors Veterans with a Permanent Memorial

1941 Jeep

Willy’s Jeep – 1941 Model

Memorial Day was this past weekend and all around the country it was a chance to celebrate the sacrifices and heroics of our nation’s veterans. Well, the Chrysler assembly plant in Toledo, Ohio took to honoring veterans in a truly unique way – with a permanent Veteran’s memorial featuring a 1942 Willys Military Jeep.

“Like all Americans, we owe our freedom to the sacrifices made by the men and women who serve in the military, but at Jeep, we owe our very existence to our WWII veterans,” said TAC Plant Manager Chuck Padden according to a Chrysler press release.  “When they returned home from the war, they purchased civilian versions of the Jeep vehicles they learned to depend upon in the war.  These heroes became our first Jeep enthusiasts.  Without them, we would not be here today.”

Making the dedication even more memorable was the fact three WWII Veterans and retirees from the Toledo plant were there to help dedicate the memorial. There is a good chance these three men had stories of their own involving the classic American Jeep that was becoming part of a memorial to honor them. To see if for yourself, click here.

While we don’t have any Jeeps that can compare with the historical significance of the 1942 model used in memoriam to veterans everywhere, we do have some modern renditions of the military rooted vehicle that we think you’ll love so come see us at Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram today.