Dodge Viper ACR, The Latest Version Of America’s Most Unique Sports Car

dodge viper acr

2015 Dodge Viper

The Dodge Viper is just about as crazy as you’d expect it to be.’s glowing review describes the latest Dodge Viper ACR as “the best, strongest, fastest version of a machine that is already insanely, impractically capable.”

Each Dodge Viper is hand-built at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit by 64 craftsmen. The pace at which they build them is extremely slow compared to mass-produced models.

The current base model of the Viper features a 8.4-liter V10 engine. This ridiculously powerful engine sends power to the wheels by way of a manual transmission. As points out, the Viper has never had an automatic. It’s just not that kind of car. In fact, “The car didn’t even get electronic stability control until the government decreed it, in 2012.”

The “ACR” part of the Dodge Viper ACR stands for “American Club Racer,” since the latest version of the Dodge Viper is a throwback. It’s just one way that Dodge is keeping this truly unique sports car alive.

“Dodge Rocks Gas Monkey” in Dallas on November 1

Dallas is a heck of a long drive from Rochester Hills, but Dodge and rock ‘n’ roll enthusiasts in the area might want to start game-planning for a trip. On November 1, Mötley Crüe brings their “All Bad Things Must End” farewell tour to the Gas Monkey music venue in Dallas for a performance that will be a part of the “Dodge Rocks Gas Monkey” car show and concert.

If you are the proud owner of a Dodge Challenger, Charger, or Viper, then you’ll want to pre-register to show off your own bad thing at “Dodge Rocks Gas Monkey.” It costs $100 to register for two passes at, but here’s a trick that your wallet is going to love: once you arrive at the show in your prized Dodge, you’ll receive $100 cash.

That means that it’s free to attend as long as you show off your pride and joy.

In addition to the car show, Dodge will be offering the opportunity to ride in a Dodge Viper drift car or the insanely powerful Challenger Hellcat. It all culminates in an adrenaline-packed performance from Mötley Crüe at 9pm.

For more details, visit If you’re looking to get in behind the wheel of a new Dodge, there’s no better place to start than Rochester Hills CJDR.

Preproduction Dodge Vipers Get Crushed

Imagine you owned one of the first preproduction Dodge Vipers ever built and you have kept it in great condition for years. Now imagine Fiat-Chrysler Automotives sent you a better saying you have to destroy the car. Hopefully this has never happened to you, but for college automotive technology departments who were donated the preproduction Vipers as part of a Chrysler program 10 years ago it is a very real scenario.

Obviously the schools aren’t thrilled about having to scrap preproduction Dodge Vipers that are worth at least $40,000 and possibly much more to the right collector or museum. However since the cars still technically belong to Chrysler they can order the cars to be destroyed. According to a press release by FCA it is common for this type of request to be made.

“As part of the donation process, it is standard procedure – and stipulated in our agreements – that whenever vehicles are donated to institutions for education purposes that they are to be destroyed when they are no longer needed for their intended educational purposes.”

The preproduction vipers, like the one show above definitely meet that categorical requirement as they were built without emission control systems or speed limiters and are vastly different than the types of vehicles most budding auto mechanics will service in their lifetimes.

While you can’t buy any preproduction Dodge Vipers, Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram would be happy to sell you a much newer Viper instead.

Chrysler Shows a Positive Future

2008 was a hard economic year for many. Companies closed, people lost their jobs and families struggled. In 2009 Chrysler was close to liquidation. Chrysler has done what many would say was unthinkable at the time and turned their company around. If Fiat purchases the rest of Chrysler, Chrysler will become a $6 billion company overnight.

Chrysler’s achievements and new $6 billion worth comes partially from the success of new cars like the Dodge Viper, Dart and more that have heads turning. To boost morale, Chrysler recently decided to open an office in downtown Detroit, making it the smallest Detroit automaker.

Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep, in Rochester Hills, MI, could not be more excited to hear this news. To search some of their inventory or find out more about Chrysler vehicles, visit their website at or like Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep on Facebook.

SRT Viper GTS Battles It Out on Laguna Seca against the Corvette ZR1

So let’s check out the stats on paper:

The 2013 SRT Viper GTS has a 8.4L overhead valve V-10, pushing 640 horsepower and 600 pounds per foot of torque. The Viper weighs in at 3,357 pounds and boasts a 6-speed manual transmission.

The 2012 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is carrying a 6.2L Supercharged OHV V8 under the hood, with 604 lb-ft of torque and 638 horsepower. The curb weight is 3,344 pounds, so this looks as if it should be a pretty even matchup on paper.

The two powerhouses of the automotive industry take to the most challenging track in the world at Laguna Seca in this video: