FCA Supports Veterans and All Other Service Members

Military Memorial

Memorial Day is a day that we set aside as a country to appreciate the efforts of US Armed Forces members. All throughout the year, FCA remains committed to American soldiers in lots of different ways. But the proof is in the numbers: there are currently 4,256 veterans who work for FCA.

The automaker regularly donates money and resources that in one way or another improve the lives of armed service members. Every year, FCA contributes Marine Toys for Tots Foundation program. They also gave generously to help erect the World War II Memorial in Washington DC, and the USO often benefits from FCA donations, as well.

FCA is also there for service members where the rubber meets the road. Jeeps were an essential component to the American military effort during World War II. One particular Jeep model was even awarded the Purple Heart! Dodge vehicles have also played a part in various military campaigns.

At the end of the day, FCA supports veterans and all other service members in a way that goes above and beyond.