Driving Safety Tips: What to Do When You Hydroplane

Wet Tire on Black Background

Stay Safe by Knowing What to Do if you Hydroplane.

Driving in the rain with low visibility is scary enough, but when you skid on the water and feel yourself losing control of your vehicle, it’s even scarier. But there’s no need to panic—it’s actually very easy to regain control, so just follow these steps for what to do when you hydroplane and you’ll be fine!

The first rule of hydroplaning is do not slam on your brakes. Don’t even touch them! If you brake, especially if you brake hard, you will skid and lose even more control of your car. Not preferable. There are two different methods, depending on if you’re in a front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive car.

In a front-wheel drive car, you’ll want to steer into an open lane so you have plenty of room in front of you. If there isn’t an open lane, try the side of the road. As you’re steering over into that lane (don’t swerve!) slowly accelerate until you have more control.

In rear-wheel drive, on the other hand, you’ll want to take your foot off the gas pedal as you steer into the other lane. Don’t brake still! Just let your car decelerate. You should regain control quickly.

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What to Keep in Mind and How to Buy New Tires:

Buying New Tires

Tire Tread

The seasons are changing and the last thing you want is dull tires. Shopping for tires can be a headache. How do you know which ones to choose? Is it ok to buy a refurbished tire or should you always buy new? With many important points to focus on before purchasing a tire, the Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealership has created a checklist when in the marketing to buy new tires.
Six points to keep in mind when in the market to buy new tires:

1. Understand Tire Fundamentals: Factors contributing to buying new tires=
Normal Wear and Tear- to prolong life, rotate tires to make sure they are wearing properly.
Over/Under Inflation- extending tire life includes proper inflation. Too much or too little air will cause tires to wear much quicker. The tire should be worn evenly on the edges and middle.
Alignment and Balance Problems-have tires rotated often for even wear and tear and keeping mechanic auto parts in top shape.
2. Buy the Right New Tire:
Two of the biggest mistakes tire purchasers make is buying refurbished tires that wear quickly and are in bad shape or not buying the correct size tire for their vehicle. Double check the code on the inner sidewall of your tires to for the correct size. Also, make safety branded tires a top priority.
3. Take Driving Habits into Account:
How do you drive? What would you like your tire to offer? Would you rather a soft or hard ride? How loud is too loud? What type of fuel efficiency are you looking for? Do you want a larger tire for better handling or a thinner for more agility?
4. Consider Fuel Efficiency: Some experts believe drivers can see a 15-20% change in fuel efficiency with certain tires, which is usually the original tire your car was first bought with.
5. Take Vehicle Manufacturer’s Recommendation:
Look in your owner’s manual for the recommended size and type of tire
6. Read the Reviews

Above are great tips to remember when you are in the market to buy new tires. Currently the Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Dealer has great new tire special incentives. Combining all of these tips can make for safer travel, better fuel efficiency and relieve others on the road from danger as well. Remember to focus on size, what you want from the tire, safety, original tires the manufacture suggests and top priority. The Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge service department at the dealership would love to help with any questions or even help you pick out your new tires. Stop by our Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram Service Dealership located at 1301 Rochester Rd Rochester Hills, MI 48307, schedule an online appointment or give us a call at (888)435-3039.