FCA Supports Veterans and All Other Service Members

Military Memorial

Memorial Day is a day that we set aside as a country to appreciate the efforts of US Armed Forces members. All throughout the year, FCA remains committed to American soldiers in lots of different ways. But the proof is in the numbers: there are currently 4,256 veterans who work for FCA.

The automaker regularly donates money and resources that in one way or another improve the lives of armed service members. Every year, FCA contributes Marine Toys for Tots Foundation program. They also gave generously to help erect the World War II Memorial in Washington DC, and the USO often benefits from FCA donations, as well.

FCA is also there for service members where the rubber meets the road. Jeeps were an essential component to the American military effort during World War II. One particular Jeep model was even awarded the Purple Heart! Dodge vehicles have also played a part in various military campaigns.

At the end of the day, FCA supports veterans and all other service members in a way that goes above and beyond.

Driving Safety Tips: What to Do When You Hydroplane

Wet Tire on Black Background

Stay Safe by Knowing What to Do if you Hydroplane.

Driving in the rain with low visibility is scary enough, but when you skid on the water and feel yourself losing control of your vehicle, it’s even scarier. But there’s no need to panic—it’s actually very easy to regain control, so just follow these steps for what to do when you hydroplane and you’ll be fine!

The first rule of hydroplaning is do not slam on your brakes. Don’t even touch them! If you brake, especially if you brake hard, you will skid and lose even more control of your car. Not preferable. There are two different methods, depending on if you’re in a front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive car.

In a front-wheel drive car, you’ll want to steer into an open lane so you have plenty of room in front of you. If there isn’t an open lane, try the side of the road. As you’re steering over into that lane (don’t swerve!) slowly accelerate until you have more control.

In rear-wheel drive, on the other hand, you’ll want to take your foot off the gas pedal as you steer into the other lane. Don’t brake still! Just let your car decelerate. You should regain control quickly.

Think you might need new tires? Schedule an appointment with our service department.

How to Find an Oil Leak

how to find an oil leak

If your car is leaking oil, the problem could be minor or major, so it’s important to do some troubleshooting before you decide on your next step. Here are some tips on how to find an oil leak:

Some leaks are easy to fix at home. If your oil line has a leak, for instance, you can repair it with silicone tape. But most products claiming to patch up holes are notoriously unreliable, so if you have a more serious leak you should definitely go straight to a professional, especially if you have multiple leaks.

First, you’ll want to check your oil levels. If it’s low, fill it up with oil and check it every half hour. If it’s draining quickly, you might have a leak in your oil pan. There are all kinds of tricks to spot where a leak is coming from, like dusting talcum powder on the engine or adding fluorescent dye to the oil and using a black light to spot it.

Remember, this is an important thing to fix both for your car and the environment. Oil runoff is harmful and leaves ugly stains in your driveway! Bring your vehicle into Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge, and let our service team look it over.

Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Winter Driving Tips and Service Discounts

Service Discounts

In Michigan, winter can be one of the most hazardous times to drive. With Detroit, MI ranked as the 9th snowiest city in the US, on average, Detroit receives around 42.7 inches per year.  What does this mean for drivers? It means they better be prepared for any weather condition that comes their way. To help, this year your local Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep dealership in Rochester Hills, MI near Orion, has but a list together of helpful driving tips and is also offering Winter Service Special Discount Coupons until January, 2, 2014!

  1. Stick to the route you know best: sometimes it can be a good idea to check the web for current weather conditions before you leave for your daily commute. This way you can avoid accidents and if you get stuck, describe exactly where you are.
  2. Pack a winter travel safety bag: safety bags can come in handy when you least expect it. An extra phone, charged phone battery, heavy blankets, Advil, flashlight, matches, portable radio, first aid kit, and even a map can help save your life.
  3. Slow down and make sure your lights are turned on: make sure this winter you leave plenty of time and are not in a rush. A good rule to follow is keep your lights on while driving and reduce speed by 50% in hazardous weather conditions.
  4. Lighten up your grip: when you grip your steering wheel too tight, this can make it harder to quickly turn your car id need be.
  5. Schedule a car maintenance checkup: you will want to make sure your spark plugs are new, your battery is strong, lights are working properly and there are no cracks in your timing belt. Check out some of our monthly winter car service specials and see how you can save!
  • Free Tire and Brake Inspection
  • $10 Wiper Blades Replacement
  • Full Cooling System Flush for only $98.95
  1. If you are stuck, do not leave your vehicle: Do not chance getting lost in a snowstorm. Also, make sure that nothing is blocking your exhaust pipe so the carbon monoxide does not build up in your vehicle.

The best tip of all is to avoid driving in hazardous weather conditions as often as possible. If you are and something happens we want to make sure you are fully prepared and not stranded with no power in the middle of a Michigan winter snow storm.

Chrysler Recalls

Dodge Charger Recalls

Dodge Charger

While Chrysler makes every effort to find any problems before vehicles are sent to market, occasionally issues are discovered during later testing. You’ve probably heard about the Chrysler recalls and, if you haven’t, here’s what you need to know.

There are five different recalls affecting different models of cars:
• 2011 and 2012 models of the Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, and Dodge Challenger are being recalled for problems with wiring that can cause the air bag warning light to turn on.
• The 2007 and 2008 models of the Dodge Nitro and two-wheel drive Jeep Liberty are being recalled for issues with the drive shaft.
• The four-wheel-drive 2012 Jeep Patriot and Jeep Compass are under recall for problems with a hose inside the gas tank that can cause them to run out of gas.
• 6,100 2013 Ram 2500s and 3500s are being recalled for possible engine compartment fires. This was discovered at a test facility and no injuries or accidents have been reported.
• 6,500 2013 Ram 1500 pickup trucks are under recall for parking brake problems.

All needed repairs will be done free-of-charge at any Chrysler dealership. Contact the service department at Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram to schedule your appointment.