Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning the Car

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to just be about your house. Why not clean out your car as well? Here are some spring cleaning tips for getting the most out of cleaning your vehicle.

Toss any trash, keep what you want

Sort all the stuff laying around in your car into a “trash” pile and a “keep” pile. Toss out the fast food wrappers you’ve been hiding in your backseat and bring your gym clothes into the house and wash them for once.

Scrub and vacuum

Vacuuming is a great idea, but you should clean out any dirt that’s stuck in the carpet or in the nooks and crannies of your car’s interior by using a bristled brush to scrub it until it’s loose.

Don’t forget the tires

Use a non-acid product to clean off your tires without causing any damage. If you need to get dirt or grime trapped in tight places, use a toothbrush to scrub it out.

Wash the outside

Instead of taking your car through a drive-through car wash, bring out some car-friendly soap and get down and dirty with an old-fashioned hand-washing.

Clean the windows last

If you start with your windows, grime from the rest of the car is just going to get on them again, so wait till you’ve cleaned everything else first.

Our team at Rochester Hills CDJR knows how special it feels to get into a clean, like-new car, so make sure to follow these spring cleaning tips to experience the feeling of driving a car that’s been taken care of.


Here Are Some Icy Car Tips for the Last Bit of Winter

Icy Car Tips

Spring almost here, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. Winter weather makes it difficult in the mornings or any time of day for our vehicles. From having icy windows and windshield to hazardous road conditions, winter is no fun at all.

Well, we can’t really help with the road conditions, but we can definitely give you some icy car tips:

  • The first thing you should do is brush off any snow and loose ice that you are able to, even on top of the vehicle. The snow on top of the vehicle may fall while you are driving, causing you vision difficulties.
  • Give the ice on the windshield a little poke to see if you can break it up a little before scraping. Make sure you don’t use anything other than your scraper as you could damage your windshield.
  • Be sure to start your car for a bit before you head out. This will get the heater and defrosters going – but make sure that the exhaust pipe and radiator grill are clear of snow and ice.
  • Also, be sure to turn on the headlights; even that smallest bit of additional heat and energy will assist in warming the car and melting any ice on the headlights. Also, while you are cleaning off the car, be sure all snow is away from the headlights and taillights.
  • Use de-icer windshield fluid to help with the ice. But, be sure not to use boiling water on your windows or windshield as it could crack the glass.

We here at Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep know that winter can be a struggle in Michigan. We hope that these icy car tips will be helpful while we prepare for the nice Spring weather we hope to get very soon!