Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning the Car

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to just be about your house. Why not clean out your car as well? Here are some spring cleaning tips for getting the most out of cleaning your vehicle.

Toss any trash, keep what you want

Sort all the stuff laying around in your car into a “trash” pile and a “keep” pile. Toss out the fast food wrappers you’ve been hiding in your backseat and bring your gym clothes into the house and wash them for once.

Scrub and vacuum

Vacuuming is a great idea, but you should clean out any dirt that’s stuck in the carpet or in the nooks and crannies of your car’s interior by using a bristled brush to scrub it until it’s loose.

Don’t forget the tires

Use a non-acid product to clean off your tires without causing any damage. If you need to get dirt or grime trapped in tight places, use a toothbrush to scrub it out.

Wash the outside

Instead of taking your car through a drive-through car wash, bring out some car-friendly soap and get down and dirty with an old-fashioned hand-washing.

Clean the windows last

If you start with your windows, grime from the rest of the car is just going to get on them again, so wait till you’ve cleaned everything else first.

Our team at Rochester Hills CDJR knows how special it feels to get into a clean, like-new car, so make sure to follow these spring cleaning tips to experience the feeling of driving a car that’s been taken care of.

Jeep Concepts and Models Shown Off in Chicago

Jeep concepts and models

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Recon

Known for its daring design and capable cars, Jeep didn’t disappoint with its range of Chicago Auto Show offerings. Jeep’s model lineup for the event consisted of all of its most popular nameplates, plus a new vehicle making its debut and a slick concept, to keep things interesting. These Jeep concepts and models drew attention from Jeep enthusiasts like us at Rochester Hills CDJR, bolstering excitement.

In terms of production vehicles, Jeep brought nameplates like the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Renegade, and of course, the classic Wrangler. With the recent popularity of SUVs and crossovers, Jeep’s lineup has been creating a bit of buzz in the industry. However, Jeep didn’t want to leave its fans empty-handed, so it took the opportunity to debut the new 2017 Compass, which combines Jeep’s signature off-road capability and power with refined modern comforts.

Jeep also took the opportunity to introduce the CJ66 concept, a performance-focused off-roader with a 383 horsepower HEMI V8 engine, a performance exhaust, and Mopar suspension parts.

The Jeep concepts and models at the Chicago Auto Show posed a promise to Jeep fans everywhere – the brand is going to keep cranking out quality, all-terrain vehicles with an updated flair that adapts to modern sensibilities.

Tips for Off-Roading in Your Jeep

Tips for off-roading in you Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler Is The Perfect Off-Road Companion.

Want to venture into the wild world of going off-road in your Jeep? Here are some tips for off-roading, from your thrill-seeking friends here at Rochester Hills CDJR.

Do Your Research

It’s always better to be prepared. Look up any off-roading locations beforehand and get an idea for skill level ahead of time. Be sure that your Jeep has all the accessories you need to handle the wild.

Get a Feel for Your Vehicle

It’s important to get a feel for the way your Jeep handles off-road terrain, so consider taking it to a beginner course or even to Forest Service roads to test its capabilities ahead of time.

Pack for Emergencies

You never know what might happen. Bring along recovery gear in case your wheels get stuck, and of course, some food. You don’t want to get tired or hungry halfway through a long day of off-roading.

Check the Weather

Download some kind of weather app or check the weather just before you go. You never know when a sudden storm is going to blow in.

Bring a Friend

When you’re venturing off into the woods, it’s always good to make sure that somebody is there to help you and be your companion just in case. Be sure to tell others where you are going, too.
We know our way around a Jeep, which is exactly why we want everyone else to experience the fun! Use these tips for off-roading the next time you go on an adventure.

2017 SUV of the Year is Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk

2017 SUV of the Year

Serious off-roaders need serious SUVs that can handle the rigors of crawling over rocks, crossing streams, and climbing mountains. This year, FOUR WHEELER magazine has named the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk its 2017 SUV of the Year.


With this award, the Grand Cherokee continues its legacy as the most-awarded SUV ever. The SUV of the Year award is given to the best-performing model after a rigorous week of intense testing. FOUR WHEELER’s judges take the contenders through more than 1,000 miles of testing that includes mud, snow, rocks, sands, dirt, gravel, and pavement. They consider visibility, four-wheel-drive system performance, tire performance, and more when making their decision.


“Our new Trailhawk model is the most capable Grand Cherokee ever produced, and we’re delighted the FOUR WHEELER editors have recognized its outstanding combination of off-road features,” said Mike Manley, Head of Jeep Brand – FCA Global. “Trailhawk instantly provided Grand Cherokee customers even more legendary Jeep 4×4 capability, quickly becoming one of the fastest-selling and most sought-after models in our lineup.”


When you drive home in the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk, it will come equipped with some remarkable equipment, including Jeep’s Quadra-Drive II 4×4 system, a unique version of the Quadra-Lift air suspension, Selec-Speed Control, skid plates, and more. All features are aimed at letting you have the time of your life when you head off the pavement.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Car Lovers

Valentine's Day Gifts for Car Lovers

A detail would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the car lover in your life.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you haven’t planned a gift for the love of your life yet, we have some ideas. If your significant other loves his or her car almost as much as they love you, or they just spend a lot of time in their car, here are some Valentine’s Day gifts for car lovers.

  • Bluetooth adapter. If your love has an older car that doesn’t have Bluetooth, help them catch up to modern times with a Bluetooth adapter. They’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of hands-free control.
  • Satellite radio. Give them the gift of music with a subscription to satellite radio. Once they’ve experienced commercial-free radio, no matter where they are, they’ll never want to go back.
  • Remote starter. There’s nothing quite like climbing into a warm car when its freezing outside. Give them a remote starter (include installation) so they can enjoy a warm car in the winter and cool car in the summer.
  • Car detail. We all love having a clean car, but nothing can beat having your car detailed. Let your loved one feel like they’re driving something new again by getting their car detailed inside and out.

What are you planning to get for the car lover in your life?

What Do Dashboard Lights Mean?

Dashboard lights

We’ve all been in the situation where a dashboard light flickers on. But sometimes, we don’t know what it means. Here are some of the most common dashboard lights and what they mean.

Check Engine Light – This is a common light that flashes on (it looks like a mini engine). If this light is on, it means that there might be a variety of problems with your engine, small or serious. Take it to an auto mechanic to get it checked out.

Engine Temperature Light – Do you see a light that looks like a thermometer floating in the sea? This is your engine temperature light. If it’s on, it means that your engine is at risk of overheating.

Fuel Indicator Symbol – You should know what this light means. It’s a tiny gas pump that tells you that you’re running low on gas and should hit up a gas station soon.

Tire Pressure Warning Light – This light looks like a half-open tire with an exclamation point in the middle. What it means is that the pressure in one or more of your tires is low.

Oil Pressure Warning – This little genie-lamp means that you are running low on engine oil.

Have more questions? Just ask Rochester Hills CDJR!

How to Drive in Bad Weather

Drive in bad weatherWhen the snow and ice hits the road, it can become more difficult to control your car on the road. It can be difficult to drive in bad weather, which is why we’re here with some tips on handling the rough road.

Stay Back – When you’re driving in bad weather, try to increase your following distance. Since your brakes might react more slowly, you’ll want to leave more space between you and the person in front of you.

Slow Down – It’s amazing how much slowing down to the speed limit will help. It allows you to have more control over your car and lessens the chance of slipping on the road.

Hands On – Keep both hands on the wheel. Even if you’re usually a one-hand driver, having two hands on the wheel will give you more control when driving over ice.

One Lane – Try to stay in one lane as much as possible. Changing lanes unnecessarily could cause problems to you or other drivers if it’s a busy traffic time.

Headlights On – Even if it’s bright out, you’ll want to put your headlights on in snow or rain. It makes it easier for other cars to see you.

Now get out on the road and stay safe! If you need anymore tips, give us a call!