Learn These Signs You Are Too Attached to You Car

Man Washing Car


Do you love your car more than life itself? Here are ten signs you are too attached to your car!


# 1 – If your friends try to bring a beverage on a trip, you make them pour it into a sippy cup first.


# 2 – You wash your vehicle more than once a week.


# 3 – Those little booties that doctors wear during surgery–you ordered a lifetime supply and insist that your passengers put them before entering your vehicle.


# 4 – You post more photos of your vehicle to Instagram than photos of your own children.


# 5 – When the carjacker said, “Give me the keys or I’ll hurt you,” you offered him the keys to your house instead.


# 6 – You put premium gasoline in your vehicle even though the manufacturer doesn’t recommend it and you know full well it has no benefit.


# 7 – You named your vehicle.


# 8 – You have a tattoo of your vehicle’s name.


# 9 – You have a visible tattoo of your vehicle’s name.


# 10 – Your car payment is twice your house payment. And you don’t even sleep in your house. You sleep in your vehicle because “it’s only surefire way to make sure no one steals it.”

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