Law Passes to Help Prevent Future Child Deaths

Child Safety

While we’re just a little bit removed from Tennessee, we found this great article that we had to write about and begin hoping that it becomes a law here in Michigan as well. The article asks the question, “What should I do if I see a child locked in a hot car?” Tennessee has passed a law that you are now able to legally break into a car to save that child.

“I hope this law brings awareness to parents to, number one, not leave their child in a hot car,” State Rep. David Hawk told TODAY Parents. “But if that does occur in Tennessee, I want our citizens to be aware that they have the ability to take action, to be a Good Samaritan and to save that child without fear of repercussions.”

According to, a total of 44 children in the U.S. died of heatstroke in cars. We hope that by helping to spread the word about this law and the tragedies it will help us to prevent future deaths. We are especially moved to write about this as there have already been 16 such deaths this year.

The founder of is Janette Fennell. In the same TODAY parents article, she suggested people be proactive in handling the potential life-threatening situations that are becoming all too common.

“If you spot a child alone inside a car, call 911 immediately, she recommends. If the child looks in serious distress, check to see if there’s any way to get into the car and if not, try to figure out which window you could break so the glass doesn’t harm the child,” Fennell said.

While there may not be such a law in Michigan as there now is in Tennessee, we here at Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram hope we have helped do our part to ensure a child is never left in a hot car anywhere, but especially in our community.

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