Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram All to Get Apple’s CarPlay in Future Models

Raise your hand if you have an iPhone… Okay we’ll just have to assume a lot of you raised your hand. It is one of the most popular smart phones on the market. Now raise your hand if you drive a Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge or Ram? Again we’ll just trust that most everyone reading this raised their hand. Why are we asking these questions? Well Apple announced that CarPlay will be featured in future models of each of these brands.

That means that the easy to use touch screen and apps you love about your iPhone will now be available in your car. Not to mention if you have an iPhone it will seamlessly connect without any issues. Specifically, according to a article,

“The [CarPlay] feature supported in iPhone 5s/5c/5 running iOS 7.1 or later integrates apps like Phone, Messages, Maps, and Music to built-in infotainment displays and car audio systems. Functionality from these apps can be controlled by voice commands and in-car controls as well as by the dash display rather than by the iPhone.”

While we don’t yet know what models will get the feature or on which trims it will be standard equipment, it is safe to assume that any model that came standard with touch screen capabilities will be getting CarPlay moving forward. And with a host of great apps like Beats Music, Spotify, Stitcher, MLLB at Bat and more to come, it is a change we’re sure you’ll welcome and be coming to see us at Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram to make sure you can get it.

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