Detroit Institute of Arts Could be Saved by Automakers

Everyone knows the financial issues faced by the city of Detroit and it is negatively affecting the everyday lives of millions of people. And even though we’re not within the city limits of Detroit, here in Rochester Hills, that doesn’t mean we don’t try to visit our state capitol as frequently as possible and appreciate all that is available in just a half hour drive. As a dealer of a Detroit brand it is especially great to be able to visit the Motor City.

That’s why today we’re proud to write about Chrysler’s involvement in a potential plan to help save one of those treasures of Detroit we love to visit – the Detroit Institute of Arts.


You might think profitable business in Detroit would get out while they can, but for the big auto companies that helped found the motor city, it has only strengthened their resolve to help.

“Chrysler Group is committed to playing a positive role in Detroit’s revitalization,” the company said in a statement found in an NBC news article. “Accordingly, we are reviewing the DIA’s request.”

While it wouldn’t be entirely on the automakers to help support the DIA, as their donations would just be part of a larger fund collected by other various organizations and companies, it’s nice to know that we sell a brand that truly cares about the community.

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