Chrysler Town & Country jumps onto Facebook LogOut Page

Chrysler has launched the website, which will include videos that will prove Town & Country is completely designed for the ‘real’ person.

“T&C owners are the most loyal minivan owners on the road. See why at the Test Of Ownership,” states the Facebook status update included in the ad. In July, the firm told friends of its Town & Country page that it “is being combined with the Chrysler fan page in an effort to keep you up to date with the Chrysler brand news and events. If you like viewing our updates in your news feed, be sure to like us here:”

General Motors pulled advertising dollars from Facebook, but the other two huge automakers located in Detroit, Michigan didn’t.

Chrysler is currently advertising the Town & Country minivan on Facebook’s logout page. This happens to be the largest paid advertising unit on the website. Chrysler launched the campaign last week, which includes a website that promotes the family-friendly use of the vehicle and the van having sustainability.

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