Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge Maintenance Advice

It’s not smart to absorb the belief that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” While automotive maintenance is only necessary a couple of times a year, it is still necessary. There are innumerable preventive measures that can be taken to ensure that major automotive problems don’t pop up in the future. Keeping up with scheduled maintenance is the difference between having the same car for ten years and prematurely sending it off to car heaven.

Here is a list of a regular maintenance schedule. Follow it to make sure that your vehicle continues to run in great shape:

Every 3 Months or 5,000 Miles

-Refill washer fluid
-Get an oil change every 5,000 miles, no matter the time frame
-Check and inspect the coolant level, coolant mixture, lug bolts, oil, power steering fluid, and brake fluid

Every 6 Months or 8,000-10,000 Miles

-Perform battery cleaning
-Replace windshield wipers
-Check tire depth, spark plug wires, and brake systems

Every Year or 12,000-15,000 Miles

-Replace spark plugs, brake pads, and fuel filter
-ABS sensor maintenance
-Fuel pressure regulation and timing belt inspection
-Radiator flush

Following these simple guidelines will save you an extreme amount of time and money in life. Make sure that you continue to invest in your car, as it is a lifetime investment worth spending money on.

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